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It's not that serious!

Lots of talk these days around AI, its applications, and its long term impacts. We’re down for the discourse. But like any tool or tech, we tend to be more interested in the way we use them as people versus their inherent power. And sometimes, it isn’t that deep. That’s why we teamed up with Microsoft to produce an episodic short series showcasing real people getting help from Bing AI with their day-to-day challenges. Whether it’s planning a party or setting up a workout regimen, AI can make things a little quicker and easier.


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Technology, it can be fun too!

Working closely with the Microsoft Brand and Advertising teams, we cooked up a comedic, unscripted web series featuring real people using Bing AI for regular shmegular activities. Everything from tee-ing up a quick bedtime story to creating a customized cupcake recipe, we showed how AI could be used in every day life minus the existential dread. The result? Over 5MM views across the series on Microsoft's YouTube shorts channel including the most viewed video of all.

Watch the full series on the Microsoft YouTube Shorts channel

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