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Community Passageways

Community Passageways is a Seattle based nonprofit focused on achieving zero youth incarceration. Through a felony diversion and prevention program and direct employment of community members, CP has created a powerful and compelling model for achieving their vision - a vision critically needed in the Seattle community and beyond. CP approached Milli in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and ensuing racial reckoning and civic upheaval to reimagine their visual messaging, identity, and to modernize their overall brand to match the renewed social efforts against racial injustice.


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Creative & Comms Strategy

Value-Driven Discovery & Direction

As brand strategists and designers we understand how much care and thought is needed to craft the right brand identity. As such, our approach to the research and discovery process is thorough, qualitative, and deeply value driven. This was paramount to the CP team and culture as we pressed forward.

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A Modern + Revolutionary Identity

With a mission centered on reaching the community with youth at the center, we built an identity through the lens of both pop culture and social justice. The result helped reshape the way that Community Passageways saw themselves as and organization and their mission and renewed and emboldened their community of youth, mentors, and activists to continue their urgent work.

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