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Brew Dr. Kombucha

A Familiar Challenge, A New Category

With an initial backing by Whole Foods, Portland-based Brew Dr. Kombucha rode the initial Kombucha boom to being the 2nd largest kombucha brand globally in less than 5 years. Now in 50 states and experiencing massive growth in market share and cap, they came to Milli to solve a complex challenge: How do we take Kombucha from being a niche, acquired taste beloved mainly by yogi’s and hipsters to a broader national audience?


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ANSWER: Kombucha isn’t just good for hippies, IT’S GOOD FOR HUMANS.BDK is the only kombucha product that fully extracts all alcohol content which makes them accessible to people of all ages. Plus their product employs no added juices unlike other competitors. They’re objectively the most healthy kombucha on the market and they’re poised to take market share not only in the kombucha sector, but from the true goliath in their industry: soda.

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The result? Brew Dr. is forging a new identity for one of the fastest growing categories in the beverage industry.While other kombucha brands double down on their established audiences,BDK is stretching out to young people from all walks of life, setting them up for longevity and to compete with industry titans.

3-Month Metrics

IG Audience: +18%

IG Engagement: +27%

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