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Award: Winner, documentary series, The Telly Awards, 2019Winner: American Advertising Awards


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Tidelands poster showing awards and cast

A Visual Storytelling Experience

Built on tidal lands, Seattle, Washington is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. As the home of tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft, this gold rush town is on a fast track to becoming one of the most innovative regions on the planet. But this explosion in growth came on the shoulders of a deeper history - a history steeped in music and arts from Quincy Jones to Nirvana to Jimi Hendrix. Outside the industry spotlight, an artist and creative community prospers among the young generation - a legacy that refuses to be outshined.

A Community Approach

We told stories through 6 short vignettes exploring individuals and their unique and unconventional stories as young artists finding their footing in a city that seems to have changed entire epochs in just a couple of decades.

A photo of Parisalexa on a flowery, purple background
A photo of Avi Loud on a dark background
A photo of Sango and his son on the couch, making music on a piano

Purpose-Driven Creative

As a Seattle-based creative agency, this is our love letter to the city and artist community that raised us and shaped who we are. We believe we are uniquely positioned to tell these diverse stories through an authentic lens and our goal is to bring this concept to other cities and communities.

Ryan Hills
Producer: Michael Huang
VFX: Ryan Hills, Fanny Maillard
Featuring: Avi Loud, Louisa Meng, Parisalexa, Sango, Reina Acab, Thesis