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Colorful squares surrounding the words "Seattle Together"

A Creative Response to COVID-19

When COVID-19 hit, we, like everyone else had no real understanding of the scale of the impact it would have on our businesses and community. Tapped by the City of Seattle, we were able to quickly mobilize community leaders and stakeholders to prepare our city for not only the struggle ahead, but the long road of civic recovery. That is where #SeattleTogether came to fruition – a multi-departmental/community campaign to bring together our city together through art, resources, and relief. Our role: Campaign concepting, branding, digital and social presence, and distribution strategy.


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Content Creative
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Creative Strategy
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Website design


We worked across 5 different major city departments in an expedited timeline to explore and determine a branding ecosystem for the campaign.

The result was a brand identity that was both modern, bold, and creative but also inclusive and accessible to all.

We condensed a 6 month process into just 2.5 weeks, moving quickly and winning approvals across multiple stakeholder teams.

Screenshot of design system showing bold font choices and yellow, green, orange, and pink color swatches
Screenshot of website showing colorful layout and slideshowScreenshot of website showing colorful layout and slideshow

Asset Development

The result? Beautiful, immersive worlds, spanning 6 product categories and more than 50+ products featured. Our production strategy allowed us to provide a wide spectrum of content for omni-channel distribution: long-form video, short-form social video, gifs, a   nd static photography.To date, the video content has received over 3 million cumulated views.

Screenshot of website showing colorful layout and slideshowScreenshot of website showing colorful layout and slideshow


Between social, community ambassadors, and the web presence the #SeattleTogether campaign has reached tens of thousands of Seattleites looking for resources, support, relief, aid, and creative outlets. To this day the campaign continues with a new pivot coming focused on civic recovery efforts.

Photo of chef Melissa Miranda in front of her restaurant, MusangScreenshot of quote from Melissa Miranda "I hope that we can come back and remember how we showed up for each other and the importance of community and taking care of each other. That our systems are fragile and that patience and kindness are necessary for us to move forward to build and create strong foundations. I hope that the world we move towards works towards consideration of our stories, and that we continue to have perspective and to listen and make space."